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CocoaVia – A Natural Way To Get Nourished Everyday!
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CocoaWe always heard our elders asking not to eat chocolate because of harmful effects it does. Although some chocolates are made up of cocoa beans, but none of them have cocoa flavanols. However, there is one chocolaty product blooming in the market i.e. CocoaVia. Its promising results of inducing natural and healthy blood flow through heart make it worth buying.

Mars Symbioscience first developed the product in 2003. The product is in the form of dark chocolate and chewable bolls. This chocolaty product is imbibed with various flavors, almonds, and crunchy granules.

More about Chocolaty CocoaVia

The product contains essential phytonutrients, extracted from cocoa beans in the form of cocoa flavanols. The formula is for routine consumption and is capable in providing you 375 milligrams of cocoa flavanols per pack. These flavanols are responsible for giving you a healthy heart as it pumps more of oxygen rich blood through your blood vessels.

The product is mainly available in two forms:

  • Stick Packs available in cran-rassberry flavored chocolate, sweetened dark chocolate and unsweetened dark chocolate
  • Capsules

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Natural Composition of CocoaVia

This advanced tasty formula is composition of all naturally obtained ingredients and cocoa extract obtained from cocoa beans. From these cocoa extract essential Cocoa Flavanols are taken out. These cocoa flavanols are the main constituent of this product. About 375 milligrams of them are utilized to make a single serving of this product. Various other natural ingredients available bound together to form this product such as, Croscarmellose Sodium ,Hypromellose Capsules, Stearic Acid , Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.

Efficient Working of CocoaVia

The product is carefully designed by various professionals of Mars Symbioscience. They have kept a sufficient balance of calories and carbohydrates. With each intake of this product, a perfect amount of cocoa flavanol is released into your blood vessels, which trigger:

  • More production of nitric oxide which keeps you blood vessels flexible
  • These flexible vessels then are capable of transporting more oxygenated blood to destinated organs and tissues
  • This appropriate blood circulation give you complete nourished heart, brain, skin eyes, basically enhance your complete body system

This natural enhancement of a healthy circulation is important for your vascular health, mental health, and performance makes you feel younger than ever.

CocoaVia Intake

With various scientific research and publications, it has been found that for different functionality intake of this product varies:

  • For antioxidant effect, take one serving of this product
  • For heart disease, mix one serving of this product in milk and use twice a day
  • For mental enhancement, consume one bar twice a day

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Tasty CocoaVia is Available in Different Flavors

  • Cran-Rasberry chocolate flavor
  • Sweetened dark chocolate flavor
  • Un-sweetened dark chocolate flavor

Yummy CocoaVia has listed Benefits

Its ravishing components make it sweeter and healthier than any other product. With extreme selling of this product has been seen that people are really being benefited with this. People have seen following benefits with this:

  • Give a healthy and nourished heart
  • Energize a smooth and efficient blood flow
  • Boosts your routine workout
  • Discovers a well nitrified and nourished body
  • Fruitful for high blood pressure patients
  • Helpful for patients suffering from Alzheimer disease
  • Explores a flawless and radiant skin
  • Provide you a healthy brain
  • Muscular body
  • Available in various flavors
  • Easily available in various offline stores

It has been proven with so many studies that a healthy heart is responsible for leading a healthy life. This supplement is designed to cater this healthy heart formation and proven effective.

Haven’t Discovered Any Side-effects of CocoaVia

It today there are no side effects seen with this product. The product is specially designed in efficient and trusted Mars Symbioscience Laboratory with supervision of professionals and experts. The components are proven safe and no chemical fillers or preservatives are used to make this product.

Get tasty CocoaVia

CocoaVia is available in both online and offline stores. For getting this delicious product online, browse in to its official website. You can get this product from various leading offline stores. So hurry now and get this tasty and healthy product in various offered discounts.

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