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Meristem Cells – Do They Help In Proper Growth Of Plants?
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MeristemMeristem cells – It is quite on expected lines that people in their quest to be close to nature, often resort to gardening activities within a property. Someone who leads a hectic corporate lifestyle will love to spend leisurely weekends watching the greenery. Now setting up the garden is easier said than done. While anyone can plant trees, but the key will be to make sure that there is sustained growth of the plants and trees. While one is at liberty to engage the services of a gardener, but there are other options on offer.

Garden owners who are concerned about the growth of plants and yet are hesitant to engage the services of a professional gardener, can rely upon Meristem Cells to look into concerns. These cells certainly offer a great alternative to people, who are eager to maintain regular growth of plants and trees.

What is Meristem?

The definition says Meristem is the tissue in most plants, which boasts of undifferentiated cells. It is located in zones of the plant, where there is further scope of growth. These cells are responsible for the rise of various organs of the plant. In the process they keep the plant growing.

What is Meristem precisely made for?

The Meristem cells are of immense value to tree owners, who have concerns regarding growth. The cells divide and create new cells. There are actually two major types of Meristem cells, which help in the plant growth process. They are Primary and Apical Meristem. The Apical option is generally found on the tips of stems and roots. It is responsible for the elongation process. On the contrary the Lateral Meristem cells help the plant to grow in width.

What are the features of Meristem?

Let us discuss in brief some of the key features and characteristics of Meristem.

  1. Its key components are immature cells.
  2. There is just no intercellular space.
  3. One certainly runs into variety in types of cells. They may be oval, rounded or even in a polygonal shape.
  4. The cells are generally living and thin walled
  5. The Meristem tissue cells are rich in cytoplasm and minute vacuoles. However, they hardly contain and food material, ER and plastids.

How does the product work?

The focus of these cells is to divide the exciting plant cells and help to create newer cells. This is turn helps in the perfect growth of plants. The Apical Meristem cells are solely responsible for an elongated rise in the plant size. Alternatively the Lateral Meristem cells are responsible for the greater thickness levels of a plant. The growth in the plant organs is largely due to the division of exciting plant cells and the creation of newer cells by Meristem. Moreover, it is also responsible for formation of secondary tissues such as wood and cork.

What are the benefits of Meristem cells in the plant?

The Meristem tissue within the plant offers immense benefits to it. Let us discuss it in brief.

  • It helps in the sustained growth of the plant.
  • It performs the key function of acting as a reservoir of the plant cells.
  • It acts as a hindrance to injury and irradiation of plants.
  • If there is sudden stoppage of root growth or there is damage on the root tip area, then these cells are the best alternative to handle the damage and restore growth.

These are some of the major ways as to how the presence of Meristem cells within the plant benefits it. The cells are responsible for proper and sustained growth of the plant.

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