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VeganEgg: Egg Has Finally Entered The Organic World!
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VeganVeganEgg Review – There are many people in the world, who like to eat egg, but they cannot some people hate the smell, some hates its entry in the world and other people have other excuses. This is story of all my friends who do not eat egg. They all wanted to discover a vegetarian egg so that they could to take the taste of the egg without any discomfort. The good news is that there is a company named follows your heart. This company makes non-diary cheese and vegenaise. They have launched VeganEgg, which is a vegetarian egg. This product is totally egg free and still maintains all the functions of a normal egg. Like you can scramble it, frittatas, quiches or even do baking with it.

People behind the discovery

The facility in which these vegan eggs are made is a solar powered facility. The representatives of the company have already told the story. It took them decade to come up with this discovery. The final product now can replace the egg. This new product is having four-gram fiber per serving. It is gluten free, egg free and allergens free. The people have tried very hard and follow your heart is the first company to get all the credit.

Ingredients of VeganEgg

Because this is a vegan product, all its ingredients are purely natural. This egg is good news for all those who ever desired to have a vegetarian egg. It has

  • Whole algal protein
  • Whole algal flour
  • Cellulose
  • Modified cellulose
  • Calcium lactate
  • Gellan gum
  • Black salt
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Carrageenan

Cooking of VeganEgg

Cooking this product is different from the way you cook normal eggs. If you taste it for less, then it is going to taste like batter. Some people do not like super soft eggs. Therefore, you can cook it entirely. Slowly you will be able to catch hold on its cooking style.

Features of VeganEgg

  • Taste: – some people find it bland, but with others, it is OK. This product is the replica of the original and it cannot have all the exact properties. You can add more seasoning to it to make it tastier.
  • Texture: – it is similarly to original egg. There is a fatty richness in it and t is not common in vegan products. Well. It is a good thing. It is going to give your mouth full feel.
  • Versatility:-you can use this product the same way you use eggs in your cooking. You should have the things measured when you are cooking with this new product. It is going to replace an egg.

My experience with VeganEgg

Well, I cook a lot, but one of my kid in lactose intolerant. I want to give him all the nutrition, but cannot. I have already tried VeganEgg and yes, I am going to buy them regularly. It is a great discovery and every food lover should try it. It is going to give nutrition to the vegetarians now. I can make anything out of this product. There is some mess that sometimes it can make in the mess because it is liquid, but soon it gets easy to get hold on it. This product is easily available and I can also get them from Amazon. Overall, I like this product and now I use these eggs only.

Get Vegan

Why you should also use VeganEgg

However, there is no harm in eating normal egg. They are tasty, easy to prepare and full of nutrition. However, there are some threats of disease associated with the animals that produce hem. This has already made many people sick and also has killed many. This is a total organic product and is having almost all the similarities of real egg. There is no harm in using VeganEgg. These are going to be nice investment in terms of the family members. If you have lactose intolerant people in your house, then use this product and bless them with health. This product is a healthy one.

Where to purchase VeganEgg?

You can buy them from Amazon or from the official website of the follow my heart.

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